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Solar Energy Installation Service in most parts of America

Considering solar? With the rate increases proposed and already approved in many areas as well as available credits from the federal government, many state governments and local utilities, you'd be silly not to.

Schedule your meeting today because the FITC was just pumped back to 30% and extended for the next 10 years!

Saving On Your Electricity

Solar power is more than just a great way to meet your power requirements and save on your utility bills. We will provide you with a free, informative 30 minute Solar Discovery Consultation. Click HERE .

We always provide cutting-edge solar solutions that maximize power output while very likely saving you money immediately and protecting you from the certain coming utility company increases.

We offer an array of no money down options of various terms and rates.

We have access to the newest and most efficient, most dependable equipment there is. Our installs are clean and whether the front, side or back of your roof faces the sun, the install will look great.

Included will be 30 year insurance on the system and the roof it rests on.  

NEED A ROOF? We can get it added to your deal!

Our Renewable Energy Team

Whether you are an individual customer or a corporation, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated to a streamlined, efficient installation process. Our Solar Ambassadors spread the word about our mission to control every family's electric bill, self-motivated and skilled specialists take pride in providing customers with top-quality equipment and a quick renewable energy installation. That’s why we can do such a good job for such a reasonable price, and why we always leave our clients satisfied and confident in our work.

Why Choose Budget Safe Solar?

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